Matthew Gonos


Matt was born in New York in 1989.  He graduated from Ithaca College in 2011 obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Film with a concentration in screenwriting.  While there, Matt became the go-to-person for special effects and in 2011 he interned with the Chiodo Brothers. After graduation he made his move to Los Angeles and not long after, Masqueffex came to life in 2011 for Monsterpalooza, where Matt has been showing different and unusual skills every year.  At his first convention, he exhibited dental grade teeth, featuring a set with soft gums and bleeding teeth that could be pulled, and another set that shot fire balls. In 2012, Matt carted a toilet into the convention center, set up a mock bathroom, and showed up with a claw that could crush coconuts and a collection of silicone masks.  In 2013, a unique set of silicone puppets drew attention from the crowd.  None of Matt’s crazy inventions has created more of a stir than the flying machine he built and displayed at the 2014 convention.  In 2015, he returned with his finest work to date, an astonishing collection of leather masks.  The craftsmanship and attention to detail make these masks truly works of art. A year later, in 2016, the leather masks returned with bold new features. Matt had designed a process for working with leather that he used to create masks, among other things, to push the limits of what leather can do. His leather products became more comfortable and in some cases have the ability to articulate like a rubber mask. Taking his craft even further, Matt then began to create stop motion puppets out of leather and in 2017, produced a graphic novel that replaces illustrations with photographs of those leather stop motion puppets. The photographic novel series, Bad Thoughts, began as a digital comic and now in 2018 sees Issue no.2 in printed form.